The tradition of Capri hospitality

I grew up under the wing of Grandma Gemma, the symbol of Capri hospitality. She was the expression of a long and deep-rooted history full of passion for the job, and was born in the historic Piazzetta of Capri.
I, little Gemma, the granddaughter of such wisdom, dreamed of emulating her one day.

Her ability to welcome guests, her kindness, her elegance as a real native of Capri, instilled in me a sense of emulation.
Often as a young girl I thought: who knows if one day I will be like her. And I dreamed of having my own restaurant.
Simplicity and human warmth, making clients feel at home, was my grandmother’s mission and today it is mine.
It was no coincidence that patrons, including some of a certain calibre, began to come from all over the world.
For 80 years, this warm and authentic way of doing things has been carried on with great pride. I do not want to emulate Grandma Gemma because she was unique in her way of doing things.
Rather, I want to give a present and a future to that warm and genuine welcome, handed down by my grandmother and my mother. I want to revive the past, bringing it up to date, bringing it into line with our present day and age.

Da Gemma is highly privileged to be the emblem of Capri’s dolce vita; of what has made, is continuing to make, and will always make history.