Choose your dessert Da Gemma, where “everything is possible”

With pastry chef Fossati at Gemma’s “Everything is possible”.

A love for pastry, a life between Milan and Capri. Arianna Fossati, 26 years old from Novara, is the pastry chef at the “Da Gemma” restaurant. Her passion for sweetmeats began after high school. After attending Iginio Massari’s Academy in Brescia, she worked for several starred restaurants, including those of chefs Cannavacciuolo and Alessandro Borghese. In winter she sweetens the sharp Milanese climate, in summer she puts the accent on the magical notes of summer in Capri. Lemon desserts, yoghurt cakes and the renowned “everything is possible”, absolutely to be savoured, seated at your table, a stone’s throw from the crystal clear sea of Marina Grande.

What are the pastry chef’s proposals?

First of all, the reconfirmation of the three classic cakes: yoghurt cake with various fruits according to the season, the Caprese and the Lemon Tart, last year’s novelty.

Tell us about the Lemon Tart…

This is a tart with lemon cream and, on top, flambéed meringue. It has been a huge success and those who have tasted it have been delighted.

What’s new this year?

Compared to last year’s proposals, we have added two single portions: a classic three-chocolate and a lemon-flavoured and shaped mousse.

Does the pastry line follow Capri tradition? Is lemon the main protagonist?

Of course, we have two lemon-based pastries. These are followed by the not-to-be-missed Caprese and the very fresh yoghurt cakes, ideal for the summer months. Then of course we have the gem of the range – “everything is possible”.

How come the name “everything is possible”?

It is gluten-free, lactose-free, but there is no shortage of goodness. Anyone who tastes it, even those who are not intolerant, will be satisfied. It is a spoon dessert made of buckwheat crumble and almond flour, with dark chocolate cream and almond milk.