Fresh ingredients and culinary mastery allow us to be considered the best seafood restaurant on Capri. On the azure island, where the waves crash on the rocks and the sunset becomes an unmissable appointment stands the Da Gemma restaurant. An intimate and welcoming atmosphere, enveloped by the scent of the sea and the wonderful view of the Gulf of Naples. A spectacular panorama is the backdrop to authentic flavors, freshness and hints of seafood cuisine.

Da “Gemma” treasures traditional recipes inherited from Grandma Gemma, a historic icon of dining on Capri. For eighty years, seafood specialties have still conquered many palates, even the most discerning. The cuisine is based on top-quality local ingredients, with a variety of dishes that capture the authenticity of Mediterranean flavors. The catch is strictly of the day, selected directly from local fishermen to ensure freshness and quality. The menu is rich and delicious: appetizers, first courses, main courses and desserts to be tempted and delighted by.

Gemma’s menu is a real journey to discover the flavors of the sea. Dishes prepared with the freshest and highest quality ingredients, sourced directly from local fishermen. Gemma’s proposals are a tribute to Capri’s seafood cuisine, reinterpreted with flair and originality by the chef.

That it is the best seafood restaurant on Capri?

There are many who claim so. The crudi are prepared with the catch of the day, while Gemma’s Fritto Misto is a true house specialty. First courses are made with top-quality ingredients and expertly cooked according to traditional Capri recipes. The main courses are the right choice for those who want a strong yet refined taste. The chef plays a lot on the combination of two elements: land and sea that continues to be successful. For example, the combination of cheese and fish. Daring while respecting tradition is the culinary philosophy of Da Gemma restaurant.

Dishes that start from Capri and take a trip around the world, following the lines of the sea.