Tradition, quality, passion, highly professional service, top-quality, tasteful innovation, in a word, Gemma.

The Da Gemma Restaurant on Capri is all this and more.

The menu is a hymn to the island’s cuisine. Protagonist on the table – the sea and its treasures – accompanied by pasta of the highest quality and recipes where a touch of class competes with the surprise of discovery.

“Da Gemma” preserves a culinary tradition going back over 80 years, inherited from grandmother Gemma, at a time when the restaurant was in the Piazzetta.

In 2017 it moved to Marina Grande, where the historic “Le Ondine” lido was already located and which is one of Capri’s most beautiful and panoramic spots, with an enchanting view of the Bay of Naples, over a crystal-clear stretch of sea.

Balanced combinations of flavours and a touch of creativity in the presentation of each dish, as a tribute to aesthetics as well as taste.

Guests are welcomed with a big smile from Gemma, the face and reference person of the Restaurant and Beach Club, heir and witness to the timeless expression of Capri hospitality.

Gemma bears the name of her maternal grandmother, an icon of the island’s catering industry, and is the interpreter of a family history full of achievements.