At Gemma’s, the must for Capri dining and hospitality: active sea transfer service “from the buoy to the table”

New this year at “Da Gemma” Restaurant, Lounge Bar and Beach Club is the new sea transfer service “from the buoy to the table” that picks up and drops off guests coming from the sea.

Those who moor at one of the buoys provided by Da Gemma will be able to conveniently access the facility. A convenience designed to allow the many lovers of true Capri cuisine to be able to go to the restaurant or lido directly from their boat. Da Gemma, just steps from the Marina Grande harbor, welcomes you to the island of Capri. And it does so at its best thanks to a three-generation history that encapsulates the authenticity of Capri’s spirit and flavors. Excellent products combined with a welcome from yesteryear make Gemma a place to feel the true mood of the island.

The new service offered goes, in fact, to complement an already wide proposal with a plus that pampers customers by allowing them to reach the establishment without difficulty to enjoy the renowned dishes on the menu, mainly seafood, but also cocktails and aperitifs, in front of one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, a step away from the crystal clear sea of Capri.

What’s better than a break with a smoothie, drink, ice cream or fresh fruit plate to cool off on hot summer days on the boat? Or a glass of bubbly in front of the spectacular colors of sky and sea at sunset after a day spent among the waves? That is why Gemma has decided to give its guests the sea transfer, which allows them to reach the venue in a few minutes by leaving their boat moored at the buoy, by calling 339 3164949.

Those who choose Da Gemma choose, therefore, the must of Capri dining and hospitality on one of the most beautiful terraces of the azure island.

Chef Neri unveils new menu: “We bring to the table the time-honored flavors of the Campanian tradition with a dash of imagination”

Emiliano Neri, chef of the restaurant “Da Gemma,” brings to the table the flavors of his homeland, Campania, with a touch of innovation and great attention to the enhancement of local products. His culinary philosophy is based on a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, where classic dishes are reinterpreted with creativity, creating new sensory experiences. Born in Naples, Neri approached the world of cooking almost by chance, attending the Istituto Alberghiero. There, he discovered an overwhelming passion that took him to the stove at just 14 years old, never to leave it again. His love for cooking is evident in every dish he creates, where he skillfully blends the flavors of the sea, to which Neri is particularly attached, with those of the land. He is not afraid to be daring, with unusual combinations that, however, always respect tradition. His continuous search for novelty leads him to experiment and always come up with new dishes, such as the “dish of the day,” a real surprise for the palate.

Tell us about the new menu. What are the new features?

Starting with the appetizers definitely the Buffalo Mozzarella stuffed with shrimp and lemon tartare, tomato purée, Neapolitan tarallo and basil.

Chef, what prompted you to create this appetizer?

I wanted to create a dish that would enhance the typical flavors of my land, Campania. Buffalo mozzarella is a must-have ingredient in any Campanian cuisine, and the shrimp represents the sea that laps our coast. Combining these two elements in one dish is a way to celebrate the richness of our gastronomy. I believe that the land and the sea can meet harmoniously in the kitchen. The buffalo mozzarella has a delicate and slightly sweet flavor, which goes perfectly with the savoriness of the shrimp. The lemon adds a note of freshness, while the tomato purée and Neapolitan tarallo complete the dish with a touch of tradition.

Nella sua cucina, però, il mare regna sovrano.

Anche se adoro sperimentare accostamenti audaci che uniscono sapori di terra e mare, nella mia cucina il mare ha un ruolo predominante. Mi ispira la sua vastità, la sua freschezza e la varietà di prodotti che offre. Al centro della mia filosofia culinaria ci sono le materie prime locali. Lavoro a stretto contatto con piccoli produttori che condividono la mia passione per la qualità e la genuinità. Pesce fresco pescato ogni giorno, tonno locale, gamberi di Mazara del Vallo, seppie del territorio: questi sono solo alcuni degli ingredienti che utilizzo per creare i miei piatti. Un ruolo fondamentale nella mia cucina lo ha la pasta.Ho scelto di utilizzare esclusivamente pasta fresca di alta qualità, prodotta da un giovane pastificio artigianale di Gragnano, il Pastificio 28 Pastai. La loro linguina, premiata dal Gambero Rosso, è un vero gioiello di gusto e artigianalità.

In his kitchen, Mediterranean tradition meets creativity and a passion for fresh, seasonal ingredients. On the menu among the first courses we find spaghetto alla Nerano, a great classic revisited with mastery.

It is a great classic of the Mediterranean tradition that I wanted to revisit in a modern way. I use only fresh, high-quality ingredients: fried zucchini, butter, basil, parmesan cheese and provolone del Monaco. The result is a simple dish, but with an intense and refined taste. Spaghetto alla Nerano is an iconic dish of Campania, but I wanted to give it my own interpretation, using high-quality ingredients and innovative preparation techniques.

How does the “Dish of the Day” work?

Every day, the catch of the day inspires me to create new dishes. These are off-paper dishes that change daily, based on what I find at the market. Fresh seasonal fish, lobster, lobster, purple shrimp, cuttlefish, cod: each day is a sensory journey to discover the flavors of the sea. I collaborate closely with local fishermen, who send me photos and videos of their catch every morning. Based on what I have available, displayed in our fish showcase, I create dishes.

Chef, tell us about your new dish, Sea Bass with crispy skin, chickpea hummus, caramelized onion and lemon.

I am excited to present this new creation, which represents the essence of my culinary philosophy. I wanted to create a dish that enhances the freshness of the fish, using simple but high-quality ingredients. I believe the uniqueness of this dish lies in the combination of flavors and textures. The crunchiness of the sea bass skin contrasts with the softness of the chickpea hummus, while the sweetness of the caramelized onion is balanced by the acidity of the lemon. It is a dish that surprises the palate and invites new taste discoveries.

His desserts are a hymn to the territory, to the Campania tradition

I believe that pastries should be a sensory experience that celebrates tradition and the authenticity of products. I offer a selection of traditional desserts from Campania, such as classic Caprese and lemon cake, tiramisu and many other proposals. I use modern preparation techniques and unexpected flavor combinations to create desserts that are both familiar and surprising, just as our customers want.

What is the added value of your cooking?

I cook as if I were to eat myself; those who cook for themselves always cook well with love and passion. My cooking is simple, but with attention to every detail. I do not like complicated elaborations, preferring to enhance the natural taste of ingredients with delicate cooking and studied combinations. My goal is to offer my clients a unique and unforgettable dining experience. I want each dish to be a journey to discover the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean, of Capri, an ode to the excellence of local raw materials.

Gemma, the authentic taste of the sea

Fresh ingredients and culinary mastery allow us to be considered the best seafood restaurant on Capri. On the azure island, where the waves crash on the rocks and the sunset becomes an unmissable appointment stands the Da Gemma restaurant. An intimate and welcoming atmosphere, enveloped by the scent of the sea and the wonderful view of the Gulf of Naples. A spectacular panorama is the backdrop to authentic flavors, freshness and hints of seafood cuisine.

Da “Gemma” treasures traditional recipes inherited from Grandma Gemma, a historic icon of dining on Capri. For eighty years, seafood specialties have still conquered many palates, even the most discerning. The cuisine is based on top-quality local ingredients, with a variety of dishes that capture the authenticity of Mediterranean flavors. The catch is strictly of the day, selected directly from local fishermen to ensure freshness and quality. The menu is rich and delicious: appetizers, first courses, main courses and desserts to be tempted and delighted by.

Gemma’s menu is a real journey to discover the flavors of the sea. Dishes prepared with the freshest and highest quality ingredients, sourced directly from local fishermen. Gemma’s proposals are a tribute to Capri’s seafood cuisine, reinterpreted with flair and originality by the chef.

That it is the best seafood restaurant on Capri?

There are many who claim so. The crudi are prepared with the catch of the day, while Gemma’s Fritto Misto is a true house specialty. First courses are made with top-quality ingredients and expertly cooked according to traditional Capri recipes. The main courses are the right choice for those who want a strong yet refined taste. The chef plays a lot on the combination of two elements: land and sea that continues to be successful. For example, the combination of cheese and fish. Daring while respecting tradition is the culinary philosophy of Da Gemma restaurant.

Dishes that start from Capri and take a trip around the world, following the lines of the sea.

Gemma’s, the jewel of gastronomy on Capri

The cozy atmosphere and elegance make the seaside restaurant crown Da Gemma Capri, according to reviews, “the best restaurant in Capri.” An ideal place to celebrate special occasions or simply for an unforgettable lunch or dinner.

Da Gemma has distant roots, born in Capri’s historic Piazzetta. Gemma Rocchi‘s grandmother was the symbol of Capri hospitality, graciously and discreetly welcoming Hollywood stars.The expert and inimitable taste of ancient recipes is still present in the chef’s proposals, where tradition blends perfectly with flair and innovation.

Da Gemma Restaurant is also a Beach Club and lounge bar. “Le Ondine” baths in perfect Capri style, born in one of the island’s most crystal-clear stretches of water.

Da Gemma’s Lounge Bar cocktails are true works of art, to be sipped while enjoying the view of a unique panorama.

One of Capri’s most beautiful terraces on which to enjoy the scenery, paying homage to the spectacle of the sunset with bubbles: a wide selection of sparkling wines and champagnes, Italian and French. Commitment and passion have earned Gemma the title of “the best restaurant on Capri?” The rave reviews from guests, are testimony to unforgettable food and wine moments.

New season, Gemma Rocchi: “Lots of news and sweet surprises.”

“Da Gemma” restaurant, “Le Ondine” Beach Club” and lounge bar, located in the enchanting setting of Marina Grande (Capri), will reopen on April 8. With a “tradition of cuisine,” handed down from generation to generation, the staff is ready to open the new season, with authentic and creative flavors, framed by the beauty of the island. Accompanying guests on this gastronomic journey and beyond is the wonderful welcome of Gemma Rocchi, who reveals some new features, starting with the menu.

An earlier opening than last season, how come?

We decided to kick off this new season on April 8, we played a little early compared to previous seasons. A choice dictated by a big event, the G7, which Capri will host next April 17, 18 and 19. Besides… we couldn’t wait to start again!

What will be the new features?

First of all in the kitchen a big reconfirmation, at the stove will remain our chef Emiliano Neri. By now he has won many palates, loyal customers with his passion and culinary art that perfectly matches our philosophy: tradition with a pinch of innovation. Together, we will present a new menu for the restaurant and beach club. We will focus on quality and quantity, we want the customer to leave our restaurant satisfied, this is our goal.

Will the evergreens, including the ancient recipes handed down by Nonna Gemma, always remain?

Absolutely. Spaghettone Gemma, Fritto Gemma, and Ravioli capresi are dishes that have made the history of the restaurant, our roots, and so they will always be on the menu. Then, these dishes are the most chosen by tourists who come from all over the world and wish to taste the traditional cuisine of Campania.

A cuisine that follows, especially, the line of the sea….

Land, but above all sea. We will bring the sea to the table with crudos, shrimps, oysters, tuna tartare, linguine with Scampi, all caught of the day. We source exclusively from local fishermen. We care to offer only excellence, guaranteeing quality and freshness of raw materials.

Let’s talk about the desserts. Will you go for whimsy, innovation this year?

No, on the contrary. We want to consolidate tradition. We will focus on chocolate caprese cake, lemon cake, baba and many other sweet proposals that reflect the ancient art of pastry making, mainly that of Campania.

As for the beach club “Le Ondine” , what will we expect this year?

We will extend the hours and make some minor changes, arrangements that will make a difference to ensure maximum efficiency of services and comfort for our guests. In addition, the menu dedicated exclusively to the Beach club that will be served on the beach will be expanded. The lounge bar will allow patrons to enjoy rich, mouth-watering breakfasts and sip special cocktails while enjoying the warm rays of sunsets in a “dolce vita caprese” atmosphere.

Culinary proposals that tell the story of Campania, Capri and bring together even the most demanding palates. Also making a difference is the service, which many have called impeccable?

We have confirmed almost all of the staff: 24 out of 26 is a success, it means they are comfortable, they are loyal, customers are satisfied with the service in the dining room and always receive compliments. What makes the difference is teamwork. Of course, they are never alone.

In fact, the welcome is entrusted to her smile and kindness. She carries on the legacy of Grandma Gemma, who was for years the symbol of Capri hospitality….

The values handed down by my family, by Grandma Gemma I cherish and carry them on. Hospitality for me is essential. In the hall I am always present, it is important that you see the face of the owner who, of course, can take whistles as well as lots of applause. But I have a need to see for myself and see how the guest is doing, if there is something wrong. Criticism also helps us to improve. We look forward to April 8 with great enthusiasm!

The excellence of seafood cuisine: history and innovation

Refined seafood cuisine, excellence and hospitality. Restaurant Da Gemma ranks among the best restaurants on Capri. It is included, promoted with flying colors, in the Top Ten compiled on the Wineblog by Luciano Pignataro, renowned journalist and food and wine critic.

Gemma Rocchi has taken the reins of a glorious past that bears the name of her grandmother, Gemma Lembo, a symbol of Capri hospitality. She elegantly and discreetly welcomed stars of the 1960s to her establishment behind Capri’s Piazzetta.

Among the regulars: Princess Soraya, Gracie Fields, Brigitte Bardot and Clark Gable. Gemma Rocchi has dragged history, flavors and hospitality to the shores of the Beach Club “Le Ondine,” where the historic Capri-Naples marathon has been starting for years.

The sea is the common thread in the cuisine of Gemma Rocchi. Local fish, ancient recipes renewed, international contaminations. Characteristics that make Da Gemma an excellent seafood restaurant a stone’s throw from the port of Marina Grande and the funicular railway that leads to Capri’s Piazzetta.

Da Gemma: Marina Grande’s flagship and traditional Capri restaurant

Tradition and refined flavors. Da Gemma is one of Capri’s most popular restaurants. It is located a stone’s throw from the port of Marina Grande, nestled in one of the island’s most beautiful views. A breathtaking panorama, a window to Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples. Traditional cuisine, handed down from Grandma Gemma, has been intoxicating palates for 80 years.

Noble taste and excellence. The historic Marina Grande eatery is a symbol of Mediterranean flavors and loving Capri hospitality. It was born in Capri’s historic Piazzetta , then landed in Marina Grande since May 2016. To choose and enjoy the dishes on offer is to embark on a unique food and wine journey. The seafood proposals are varied and make Da Gemma restaurant one of the most renowned seafood restaurants in Capri, framed by the blue sky and sea. Appreciated are the classic and timeless dishes: fritto misto and Spaghettone “Gemma.”

A philosophy inspired by ancient recipes, revisited with a contemporary twist. An extraordinary taste experience, accompanied by a Wine List, which crosses Italy and looks all the way to France. Niche wines, loved all over the world. Da Gemma is also a lounge bar and Beach Club, on one of Capri’s most beautiful beaches. Le Ondine Beach Club” is Capri’s dolce vita on the crystal clear sea. A corner of paradise, near the port of Marina Grande, outside the chaos of the island


Gemma Rocchi: a long tradition of hospitality and genuine cuisine in a fabulous location

Gemma Rocchi: “I carry on the legacy passed on by my grandmother, a symbol of Capri hospitality.”

A tradition that has been postponed for more than 80 years. A long history of love and roots that from the Piazzetta of Capri, continues today in Marina Grande. The watchword “Da Gemma” was and continues to be hospitality. Like her grandmother, Gemma Rocchi wants to make her customers feel at home. A breathtaking location, in one of the most beautiful stretches of water on the island. A strategic location, a stone’s throw from the port, where you can enjoy the crystal clear sea and good food. The “Le Ondine” beach club, lounge bar and Da Gemma restaurant are landmarks, to fully experience the Capri mood. Gemma proudly looks at the past, bringing it back to the present with innovation, staying true to the values transmitted to us by Grandma Gemma.

Gemma, what are the strengths of the Restaurant and Beach Club?

We are located in a happy oasis, in a central but less chaotic area of Marina Grande. Just a stone’s throw from the harbor, our place is easily reached by funicular, cabs and various means. Another strong point is the crystal clear sea; those who know the island know that by a play of currents in Marina Grande there is the cleanest water. Our Beach Club has a luggage room, equipped with video surveillance. In addition, our Lounge Bar serves breakfast from morning to 9:30 a.m. and accompanies guests until aperitif time. While the kitchen is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., catering to every need, then reopening for dinner.

When was Da Gemma restaurant in Marina Grande born?

Since May 2016. After carrying out a major renovation of an existing restaurant, I felt it was my duty to use the collaboration of a starred chef to create the restaurant I had always dreamed of. Chef Peppe Guida reflected my conception of cuisine, which goes beyond the number of stars. Unsophisticated, but genuine dishes.

Tradition repurposed with a modern twist…

That’s right, this is our philosophy. The revival of ancient recipes with a modern twist. For example, even the Spaghetto “Gemma” that my grandmother used to make is served with a touch of innovation. Our dishes look simple, but there is a lot of work behind them.

Grandma Gemma a legacy you carry in and behind you. A burden or an honor?

Definitely an honor, my grandmother Gemma was synonymous with Capri hospitality. Let’s talk about a type of catering that has been claudicant on Capri for a while. In Piazzetta Gemma worked not only because of the good food, but because to welcome you there was an excellent hostess who with simplicity and human warmth made you feel at home. In fact, not surprisingly we went patrons from all over the world and of a certain caliber as well. I do not want to emulate Grandma Gemma because she was unique in her way of doing things.

What did you take with you from all this?

The hospitality, this warm way of doing things. A hospitality that is not contrived, not constructed comes from the gut, it is passed down with DNA. It was a characteristic of my grandmother Gemma, my mother, and they say it belongs to me as well.