From Italian wines to French champagne - to be enjoyed by the sea

Top-quality and niche products. A Wine List that stretches across the whole of Italy and as far as France. The sommeliers of the “Da Gemma” restaurant will guide you on an unforgettable journey of discovery through the world of wine; which ones best accompany which dishes and with a careful selection of regional proposals and a hard core of local origin, from the Campania region. Wines that are loved and appreciated all over the world. Nor is there any lack of “bubblies”. From French champagnes to the very best Italian sparkling wines, e.g. Franciacorta, Bellavista, Ca’ del Bosco. A Wine List which includes leading, well-known brands, but also lesser-known names. Niche choices of outstanding quality. The sommeliers of the “Da Gemma” restaurant want to give guests the opportunity to have the pleasure of finding a well-known product and always be intrigued by a new one. Clients at the “Da Gemma” restaurant on Capri often wish to enjoy a good glass of wine by the sea, and look forward to being surprised with something new. The philosophy of the “Da Gemma” restaurant’s wine proposals is based precisely on having no limits, on being adventurous. Not surprisingly, the choice goes from wines fermented and aged in barriques through to wines aged in amphorae. Wine lovers will find “Da Gemma” on Capri a boundless realm dedicated to wine, combined with good food.